Terms of Service & Liability Waiver

All new and current customers, by making their appointments and bringing their pets to Dotty Pet Grooming, accept and must follow our customer terms, conditions and rules.
No exceptions will be made for anyone.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

— You are being recorded for quality control and for documentation purposes. Also, you will be able to request watching your pup getting groomed for a small fee!
— We accept CASH only unless otherwise stated and announced.
— All pets must provide paperwork and/or information of updated shot records to be serviced: both new and existing. (Tags are not enough!)
— All pets must be picked up within 30 min after being ready or a late pick up fee will be applied (starting at $20 and increasing every 2 hours).
— Pets must be picked up by closing time or by the time established by the groomer depending on the daily workload, otherwise the pet will be boarded overnight and a fee of a minimum of $30 will be added to the account (depending on the size of the pet, the fee may increase).
— We want to make you and your pet happy! We guarantee the quality of our services and products. Any concerns/issues about your grooming service will be happily fixed and/or addressed as much as possible, as long as you communicate with us within 24 hours of the appointment. We want to earn your loyalty and your referrals! Before being angry at us, please call us and we’ll make sure to try our best to make you happy!
Prices are firm. Yearly increases must be made in order for us to adapt to the country’s and state’s cost of living, and to stay in business.
Prices change with the condition of the pet’s coat, skin, actual weight and behavior.
Aggressive and biting pets will not be accepted in our facilities due to the harm that a biting pet and its owner can bring to our staff and our business. If a pet’s behavior towards grooming is unknown or withheld from us, and it bites a staff member during its visit, there will be a Hard to handle fee of $10, or a $25 Bite fee per bite. No exceptions! The customer is responsible of paying 100% of the grooming session cost, independently of the grooming results or the stage at which we needed to stop grooming.
You release Dotty pet grooming Salon of any liability and/or responsibility if any accidents occur while your pet is being groomed and handled in the safest way possible. You can trust that we are trying our best, with the best of our products and equipment, at the best of our ability to prevent anything from happening to your pet.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
— We ask you to please have your pets taken out to potty BEFORE the appointment. Excessive soiling, cleaning or extra baths needed will be charged extra starting at $10 and will increase with time added to the grooming session or with extra cleaning needs, due to the time expense and product used.
— We depend on your appointment to organize our day: please call with as much time ahead as possible to cancel or change your appointment! There will be a 50% fee for customers who cancel the same day or no show to their appointment. We understand that emergencies happen and we are very understanding, but please return the favor: understand that this is our livelihood and we need your help with just a small heads up.
— We have a 15 minute tolerance for appointment arrival. If no notice is given, your appointment will be cancelled and considered a no show. If you will not make it on time, please call us to let us know! There’s no fee for rescheduling: we will try to move your appointment to a later time or date, so we can avoid charging the no show/same day cancellation fee.
We put HUMANITY over VANITY always. If your dog is too tangled/matted to keep the coat you desire, the dog will be given the style that will bring him or her no pain and that will help skin and/or coat heal. We do our best to give you exactly what you request and as close to it as possible, but we will NOT torture a pet only to please the owner. Just know that we have your pet’s best interest at heart and we will always be happy to explain our decision to you. Whether we have to go shorter or we’re able to de-mat/tangle safely, in every case, there will be an extra charge of a minimum of $10 increasing with severity of the matting, tangling, time and product spent.
— Matted dogs have a lot more chances of being hurt, nicked or cut by our equipment, since we have to work with very sharp equipment very close to the skin. Hematomas may appear under severely matted areas that are released from the tangling. Ears may feel tingly after shaving off mats, making the dogs shake incessantly to the point of bleeding. All the groomers that represent Dotty Pet Grooming are professional, experienced and certified, but a lot of times that is not enough to prevent accidents and lesions on a dog with a matted coat. If you bring a matted and/or tangled dog, you release Dotty Pet Grooming of any liability and/or responsibility if any accidents occur while your pet is under a de-matting grooming session. You can trust that we are trying our best, with the best of our products and equipment, at the best of our ability to prevent anything from happening to your pet. But when a coat is neglected, sometimes it’s completely out of our control.
— Pets with fleas and/or ticks cannot be in the facility without treatment. Pets with fleas and/or ticks will be treated to kill the fleas and/or ticks whether the customer requested the add-on or not, disclosed about the pet having fleas and/or ticks or not, and there will be a minimum charge of $10 increasing depending on size of the dog, severity of the situation, product used, and if there is a de-ticking process.
— We are a professional grooming salon. We are certified, and nationally recognized stylists. Our groomers attend multiple classes and seminars every year and are members of national organizations. We are professional groomers, with the best skills, the best green and organic products, with multiple titles, certifications and badges. We charge what we charge because we’re good at what we do and we are passionate about our industry. We are not the right groomer for everyone, but if we are the right one for you, we will love and deeply care about your pet as if it was our own. We are a family business, after all!