Dotty CLOSING in compliance of state order GA-14

Well, the happiness of being back open did not last very long.
Executive order GA-14 by Governor Abbott was imposed state-wide in April, and according to that order’s new list of essential businesses established by the federal organism C.I.S.A., pet grooming
—-IS NOT—-an essential business and we are required to close ASAP.

And in the comments of this picture you’ll see attached a local 311 response to that new C.I.S.A. list of essential services.

There’s no way around it, and we’re distraught about having to close for so long. 😔
But I’ll be the first to admit, despite the fact that this business is my and my employees livelihood, that we did everything according to CDC guidelines to prevent the spread, that we changed things in order to avoid contact and prevent any spreading to our customers… that this is the BEST THING for our community.

As a business owner in the City of San Antonio, it is my responsibility to do what’s best in my community to keep everybody safe, to protect my employees’ and their families health, and to abide by the laws, especially when they’re implemented to control a horrible disease and prevent it from taking any more lives.
So yes, our salon is temporarily CLOSED. If you see any other pet grooming salon or mobile open, they are operating unlawfully. I recommend that you avoid taking your pet for grooming to a business that is not willing to do what’s best for their community and that is not abiding to state law.
—-Your pet can wait. Your pet will maybe get tangled, dirty, and a little stinky… but we will be back!❤️ We will be back May 1st.
You can prebook your appointments, we’ll have an online course for stay at home pet parents hosted by our groomer and owner Mariana and we’ll be here on Facebook, posting daily, to keep you updated and connected with us.
Again, thank you everybody for your loyalty, your business, your love, your amazing kindness and please… PLEASE… STAY HOME! 🏡 Keep yourself and your family safe. Wash your hands and lets get through this together.

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